David Payne Live! - Jazz Vocalist
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 Important: To ensure our response to your inquiry, we require that the following be read in full.

Please note that this site is designed for talent buyers interested in contracting artists for live performances at corporate and private functions. Please note that we do not book artists for events reliant on future ticket sales, fundraising or artist working at reduced fees. 
We work with big and small budgets. Fees are negotiable.
 Please be aware that all our contracts require pre-show secured financial commitments (binders and/or deposits). 
In order to best understand your needs, we prefer initial contact to be through the form below. If your inquiry requires immediate attention only, call us at 704-636-2811. Regular office hours are M-F 10:00AM - 7:00PM Eastern Standard time.

Thank you for reading the above. In order to continue with your booking inquiry, please fill in the fields below. There is no obligation. This form is simply an information gathering tool which helps us help you plan your very important event.

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Important Details
1.Our acceptance of this form confirms booking and should be received within 20 days of initial contact, or as agreed.
2. A normal booking would allow for the band to play for a max of two 1.5 hour slots, with a break.
If an event is due to end at midnight please don't expect us to start at 7:30! Times and durations can be
negotiated against these guide lines.
3. Electrical power - 13am mains supply required. For outdoors or out-buildings safety and trip devices should be provided. (two/multi socket board an advantage)
4. The band requires easy access to venue from vehicles and sufficient time and space to set up. Ideally at least 90 minutes and, where possible, before guest arrive. We know that this isn't always possible.
5. Band supplies its own stage - lighting - but organizers must ensure sufficient venue lighting for safety and atmosphere.  In some halls etc. the organizer will need to obtain details of lighting in advance.
6. Tea or coffee for the band at the end of the evening, and water during the performance would be greatly appreciated, even more so before the long journey home.
7. When describing the event above please let us know if it is a private invitation, or open to the public. We may be able to help advertise and sell tickets etc.
Please let us know of any special requests, birthdays etc - we might even be able to oblige!  Write any extra details on the request form.

We can/will provide background music between band sessions.
Please supply CDs of any specifically desired background music that you would wish to have played.

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